"Techno Clown" starring Kimmy Lola, featured in Flanelle Magazine
"Summoner" starring Brooke Beaulieu, featured in Fuzz Magazine
"High Roller" starring El Bliss
"Infernal Angel" starring Alexandra Esteves, featured in Rebel Magazine
"Hornet's Hive" starring Bee Vellturo
"Imaginary Tea Party" starring El Bliss
"Puppeteer" starring Brooke Beaulieu
"Canary" starring Ashley Noelle Snelling, featured in Praze Magazine
"Aqua Racquet" starring Brooke Beaulieu
"Blue Bliss" behind the scenes character shoot starring Morgan Almendras
"The Hills" featuring headpiece by Aus designer Monirath 
"Pious Piper" starring Sam Cahill
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