Foks Lo has been creating short films and cinematic photography since childhood, releasing a first short film at 14 years old.  A student of traditional photography in high school via darkroom, Foks's work was first published in 2012. 
In 2019 Foks formed the film collective Cinema Criminals, a creative collective with a goal of sharing untold stories. 
In October 2020, the artist debuted at a film festival and was nominated in the category Best Use of Frame. 
A list of films by Foks Lo from most recent to earliest:
Ever Since- festival submission, 2022
Grimside - feature screenplay, 2021
What Dwells Here - (NYU Capstone film), 2021
in memoriam- festival submission, 2021
SINK - 2020
I'm Still Trying - music video for Gutter Grub music project, 2020
Hear Me - 2016
Five Years - 2015
No Vacancy - 2014

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